Top 10 tips for a stress free Christmas Lights Display

  • Less is more, think quality over quantity. If your new to outdoor decorations then choose a focal point, perhaps a small bush or tree in the garden or a run of icicle lights across the front of your garage
  • Quality counts! Christmas lights are only used for a few weeks each year, you should look to get at least 5 years out of each set (as long as they are stored correctly and not left in a tangled mess in the loft)
  • LED’s all the way! It is very rare that you find outdoor Christmas Lights that are NOT LED. Not only are they brighter than standard filament bulbs but they come in a multitude of colours, are cheap to run and help reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Which ones to pick?? There are a vast amount of Christmas lights in every size and colour! Choose a colour scheme and stick to it or have complimentary colours. No one wants to be living next door to the Griswalds! Always ensure that the lights are Outdoor Use.
  • Which lights where? Alot of lights can be multipurpose, for the eaves of houses I would recommend Icicle lights which can be secured using gutter clips and give a lovely ‘snowfall effect’. For trees and bushes generally a string of lights is the best, preferably on a dark green or black cable so this is not noticeable during the day.
  • How many sets do I need? Measure the area you want to cover and do your homework. A good quality light set should be connectable, meaning you can connect more than one set together from one power source.  If dressing a tree what coverage do you want? Winding the set tighter round the branches will give you more coverage but you will also need more sets!
  • How much do I spend? Again this is quality over quantity, a decent set of lights should be between £35-55 per set, work out how many you need and if you are on a budget you can buy one set and then add to it each year and spread the cost.
  • Safety First! Now you have you lights they need putting up. If you have chosen connectable lights you need to connect the sets together before you put them in situ, check they are connect correctly and fully lit,  Disconnect them from the mains and then you can begin.  If decorating at a low level (2-3mtrs) then have a sturdy pair of ladders to hand. Gutter clips are excellent for securing Icicle Lights and cable ties work really well when putting strings of lights into tree’s.  For decorating the eaves of the house, ensure that there is someone helping (this is a two person job) and that you have the correct equipment. If it’s not possible then think about getting the professionals in to do it! Ask your window cleaner if you cannot afford a professional installation company.
  • Now we’re looking good! Your lights are in place and look amazing! Remember to be considerate to your neighbours, turn the light off when you go to bed or invest in a timer switch!
  • Now you can relax (for another year) give yourself a pat of the back and treat yourself to a mince pie and glass of sherry!
Lights 4 You Ltd Nov 2017