LED String Light Colour Changing 16mtr set

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Professional quality outdoor colour changing LED string light, this light set is 16 mtrs in length and has 80 LED colour changing bulbs Red /Green/Blue, and is connectable up to 3 sets (48mtrs in total). Ideal for small trees and bushes it creates a magical effect with a range of colours. This product has no controller and the LED’s change automatically at a gradual pace. See Video for more information. These lights are designed for permanent outdoor use, meaning once in situ they can be left outside all year round. Use them to create the perfect ambience for a summer garden party or BBQ and even round a Hot Tub!! The cable is manufactured from rubber and highly durable and weatherproof, each set comes with an outdoor molded plug which is IP44 rated.

Compatible with 10mtr Colour Changing Set #L4U025

As per set sold into Costco Wholesale in previous years

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