LED Icicle Light Ice White LED’s Static 3mtr Starter Kit

For those of our customers who prefer to have a static Icicle Light, Lights 4 You brings you this professional quality outdoor Icicle Light set in static, made to the same exacting standards as our Multi-Function Icicle Light set.

This starter pack includes the following:

1 X 3mtr Icicle Light set (114 LED’s)

1 X 5mtr extension cable in white

1 X 1.5mtr power cord


Connect a maximum of 45 mtr from one power source, transform your house into a mini Winter Wonderland just in time for Christmas

3mtr Light sections are available separately to extend this starter pack, this set uses one connector and is not compatible with Lights 4 You Multi-Function Icicle Light set.

Extra 3 mtr sections available SKU#L4U006

£25.00 inc VAT

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