Guest Post By – She Might Be Loved


It’s been two years since I first bought my hot tub and we’ve only just decided to put something around it. There are lots of options with having one sunken into the floor, a built around enclosure, or something more open like what we’ve gone for. We are planning on putting some more privacy panels on a few of the sides to block everything out and just have the view of the back of our garden and trees. So when Lights4You got in touch, I thought some pretty outdoor lights around the roof would look amazing, and I think you’ll agree, they do!

Outdoor lights are a great way to transform a space and take something from just being an ordinary back garden, into a magical escape. There are so many different types of outdoor lights that you can choose from. These are the LED String Lights Large Bulb Ice White (£21.50).

I chose white because of the hot tub already having colourful lights inside it. I thought the white would complement whatever colour we have it on. This set has a high-quality rubber cable that can interconnect with up to 15 sets. At 10m a set it means you can connect up more than enough lights to make all of your outdoor light dreams come true.

These lights are high enough quality that they can be left permanently outside without worry. I think they also look fantastic during the day and I love the photo I got of them! It was a little harder to photograph at night time but they really make a hot tub session even more relaxing and soothing.

Lights4You have a great selection on both indoor and outdoor lights. Have you ever thought about lights to transform your outdoor space?