Brighten Up Your Garden!

It’s fair to say that the weather is a little up and down at the minute, ranging from scorching hot to torrential rain; not quite the summer we dreamed of! Thankfully all our outdoor lighting ranges at Lights 4 You are British weather proof, so you can still make your garden look bright, beautiful and an extension of your home; no matter what the climate!

We all use our gardens in different ways and it’s important to think about the different needs you have, to select the best lighting to create your dream outdoor space. Do you want to illuminate a walk way, create a lovely area to dine alfresco, create a relaxing place to escape of an evening or would you like a beautiful, colourful, fun entertaining space?

Lighting offers the unique ability to present your outside space in an entirely new way to what is seen in daylight; creating a completely different garden at night. You get to decide what is on show, what is left in the shadow and highlight and illuminate key features such as trees, bushes and pagodas or areas you wish to use at night like seated areas or hot tubs.

Top Lights 4 You Tips

The most common mistake made in garden lighting is picking out and illuminating individual features such as a single tree or pond. This can look odd and disconnected, as elements appear to hover eerily above the garden. It’s a better idea to place lights along the view (e.g. along the fence or path) to help lead the eye to a focal point using light.

On the flip side, do be careful not to create your own mini illuminations, by choosing too many items to illuminate or choosing too large a bulb. With the efficiency and brightness of the state-of-the-art LED lights used in our ranges, you can certainly go smaller than you might think and create a subtle but calming and stunning look.

We strongly recommend installing a weatherproof switch / socket, to provide your lighting with an outside power source, whilst being protected from the elements. You may not have a shed or outside room where it can be hidden, so try to conceal it in bushes or behind hedges. Our lighting range cords are also green or black to help them blend in with nature.

Cold, Warm or Coloured?

Whether you choose warm white, ice white or coloured lights, is all to do with personal preference and the effect you want to produce. Warm white bulbs can mean different things across manufacturers (as can ice white and coloured!), so we clearly highlight which of our ranges are the same colour. They are also energy efficient to help reduce bills.

Warm lighting (yellow) tends to look and feel warmer and softer; it’s more relaxing for the eyes and reduces imperfections. Whereas cooler ice white lights (blue) tend to produce a more luminous, crisper, more modern effect and bring out the colour of foliage. Coloured lights look fun, bright, eye-catching and are lovely for family gardens, festivals and parties.

The beauty of our outdoor light ranges is that they come in many price-points (from only £19.50), lighting effects – static, flickering, colour changing, twinkling, different lengths – 2.5m, 10m 15m, 16m, 20m and 30 m and are quick and easy to join together, to extend them to your required length, giving you endless lighting possibilities!

If you need any lighting advice at all or have any questions on any of our ranges, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01257 269885 /